When we help participants overcome indecision, they begin to experience success. That got us thinking about how we can take our features to the next level. A recent survey conducted by the Nationwide Retirement Institute® found a correlation between consistent income and worker confidence in their retirement planning: Most employees who can count on a pension are more confident about their financial futures. To the survey question, "Are you on track to retire as planned?" 78% of workers with pensions responded, "Yes." To the question, "Do you expect to be financially comfortable in retirement?" 82% said "Yes."1

Having a pension to look forward to appears to be tied to workers enjoying greater happiness and financial security, which contributes to higher levels of physical, mental and emotional health. And employee happiness is significantly intertwined with their productivity — as well as to employer success.2

When workers do retire, that pension income results in a greater sense of financial comfort (74% of retirees with versus 63% of retirees without pensions) and fewer concerns about outliving their money (64% versus 74%).1

Yet defined benefit (DB) pensions aren’t as common as they once were, and where DB pensions remain a component of employee compensation, newer workers often have more restrictive tiers of income benefits. Combined, that means many American workers can’t count on consistent income in retirement that DB plans provide. But we’re hoping to change that, one defined contribution (DC) plan at a time.

How to help boost employees' retirement confidence

We're committed to offering guaranteed lifetime income — similar to what a pension offers — which is why we're excited to combine two new features:

Watch this video to learn how to offer your participants the confidence of income they can't outlive.

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[1] Nationwide Retirement Institute national online survey of n=600 U.S. retirement plan sponsors and n=1,200 U.S. retirement plan participants, Aug. 10-28, 2023, conducted by Edelman Data and Intelligence (DXI).

[2] "Why are happy employees more productive in the workplace?" WellSteps (December 5, 2023);

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